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RiverSea Plantation offers flexible real estate options for families, including new custom-home construction and pre-owned homes.

New Home Construction

For many families building a custom-home is the culmination of years of hard work and planning. There are several quality builders in the area and Silver Coast Properties can assist you with identifying reputable builders, as well as a home designer.

Naturally, you’ll need a building lot for your new custom home and Silver Coast Properties and experienced land brokers are happy to guide you to the perfect site for your new home.

RiverSea Plantation does not require lot owners to build in any specific time period, which is attractive to many of the will-be retirees that are several years from relocating.  By purchasing a lot they can begin the process of planning their retirement home and potentially avoid paying more in the future.

Pre-owned Homes

For those families that may have a more immediate need or are not interested in building a home, then the pre-owned home market is an attractive option. Silver Coast Properties is pleased to assist you with any available homes in River Sea Plantation.

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